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YOU are AWAKE.. you are alive and this life you are living needs you to survive…
IT needs you to be great,
it needs you to be strong..
it needs you to be active or it cant carry on…
This life you are living is yours to do with as you please…
but know that it feels better to live it  fully..
This life you are living, these lives that we share, the moments we create are not to be spared.. 
For some it seems easy, for some not so much.. 
For some it seems hard not to give it all up.
For some there is struggle but for all there is love… 
The truth is we are connected to each other from and through the above.. 
We share in our pain, we share in our joy,
we share in our struggles and but above all, believe in love..
We share in our truths, we share in our fears, we share in our laughter and sometimes our tears
We share in knowing, it is ok.. the truth is your dying – so why not live for today.
The truth is its over- before you know what..
The truth is this life is meant for a lot… 
Its true that its tough, but you must push on … because to be great 
YOU must keep carry on…
So I can write this to YOU because I know we are ONE 
When I write this to YOU know that you are not alone.
When I write this to YOU see that this truth is shared.
YOU see that my soul is not scared… 
well sometimes its scared, but I know deep inside that with our eyes open wide..
No matter the fear that enters our minds, the truth is we know better… 
there is nothing to hide.
With gratitude ab

Take notes from Chipotle. When you share truth people listen.

In a dystopian fantasy world, all food production is controlled by fictional industrial giant Crow Foods. Scarecrows have been displaced from their traditional role of protecting food, and are now servants to the crows and their evil plans to dominate the food system. Dreaming of something better, a lone scarecrow sets out to provide an alternative to the unsustainable processed food from the factory.

It’s being called “the most beautiful, haunting infomercial you’ll ever see.”   It is beautiful, not only are your visual and auditory senses taken to the place where the idea of change making engulfs and excites you, it has the ability to create empathy almost instantaneously.  It connects you quickly to the WHY of Chipotle.   This is what I believe will change our world, perhaps one of many things to change the world but see it if you can.  Video killed the radio star and then came back to change the world through beautiful use of storytelling, music, and art.  When you know the WHY everything else makes more sense.

The Why is clear here, Moonbot Studios creators of “The Scarecrow,” see the big picture. Sometime all the pieces fit together..  sometimes truth speaks the loudest, and sometimes a group, organization, or individual get it right. Although some may argue this is not going to sell more burritos, I must debate anyone who denies the power this ad has to transform and identify of the brand on a greater scale to a larger market.

This quote from Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk comes to mind, “There are leaders and their are those who lead, Leaders hold a position of power or authority, but those who lead inspire us.  Whether they are individuals or organization,  we follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to.  We follow those who lead not for them, but for ourselves.  And its those who start with why, that have the ability to inspire those around them, or find others who inspire them.”

“Chipotle’s marketing strategy makes sense because the ecosystem of advertising has fundamentally changed,” says brand consultant David Vinjamuri. “Chipotle is relying on social messengers to connect the message to the brand.”

I believe they got it right because they cared to focus on the why.  Not Why they needed exposure, or why they needed to sell more burritos, they perhaps focused on the why are we doing what we are doing… and what will it mean.  Maybe it wasn’t like that at all, maybe I have a dreamy assumption of great intentions, maybe I have a hard time believing that the world is mostly bad and we are doomed.  Maybe I have a hard time believing that we are set up for failure, that we are destined for breakdown, war, and hate.. maybe I see something else and so do many others.  There is great power in hope, in truth and exposure to painful ideas that WE can change.  Sure it would be easiest to never ask why, to just go about doing the hows you know, not daring to ask why.  Have you noticed though, at some point, it is not enough.. it’s not enough.   I wonder why other brands have not taken on to the notion that PEOPLE DO CARE.  It is not enough to show your product, tell us its great, and  get a response… we want more of this, more good.

Watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk:

See more at:

‘Women on Board’

So I am in love with MAHFIA TV for their beautiful curation of some of todays best Women’s boarding… across the board (skate, wake, surf, & snow).  Founder Kim Woozy to speak at upcoming  TEDxAmericasFinestCity event October 5th.

“All the pro female action sports athletes out there doing it as well as the pioneers who paved the way are my biggest inspiration,” says Woozy. “Everyone’s journey is different, but the common ground is that all these girls at some point had to deal with someone telling them no, but they never let that stop them from doing what they loved. Anyone who pursues their dreams without caring about what other people think is an inspiration to me.”

I remember looking at the Underexposed doc.  and reading the comment section, the men didn’t get it.. they just did not understand.   Yes, women do need to be exposed for what they are doing not only on the boards, in the board rooms.. across the board we need to recognize the women that are making moves.  This recognition is not to puff the athletes up or provide some seal of approval, they don’t need that and most wouldn’t want it.  What is needed are stronger Female role models, equal opportunities for equal representation in action sports, and true equality (globally).

As Kim hit on during her interview with Grinder

“Once female athletes get the support and proper exposure for being good at what they do on their boards, it will ignite a fire in the large population of impressionable young girls out there who are exploring their hobbies and choosing what to do in their free time. It is simple: do we want more girls taking a million half-naked selflies in front of the mirror for Instagram and becoming teen moms, or do we want more girls out there riding boards, having a good time, and gaining self-confidence through their accomplishments? More Kim Kardashians or more Venus Williamses? It’s really not rocket science.

Just a little preview…

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

White Walls say Nothing, so Buenos Aires paints…

“Buenos Aires is a complex, chaotic city. It has European style and a Latin American heart. It has oscillated between dictatorship and democracy for over a century, and its citizens have barely known political or economic stability.”

During our travels in South America, the presence of  beautiful street art was undeniable, but Buenos Aires was insane. From city to city we took our camera, hoping to capture the essence of the vibrant life force behind each piece.  We joined friends at Graffiti Mundo for a walking tour of the many walls writing the resilient cities story.   With a successful kickstarter raising over $36,000, White walls say Nothing will tell the story of Buenos Aires and the graphic narrative written by the many.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires

Street art and writing connect to a larger body of narratives, from art brut to native
art, that tell outsider stories which are largely ignored by the dominant ideology. It is a type
of narrative that directly opposes the capitalist system of production and elicits new ways of
thinking from readers and viewers” 
The narratives shared through the living art creates an ongoing dialogue with the community.  I remember the Chalk boards in San Diego when they first appeared… they became a focal point of dreamers.
Adams Ave Street Art, near 30th.

Adams Ave Street Art, near 30th.

“The film will tell the story of the development of the urban art scene in Buenos Aires, and will be primarily told through the words of a number of leading artists who have played an important role in founding and shaping one of the most extraordinary art scenes found anywhere in the world. The film will explain how the scene in Buenos Aires today is the product of 30 years of turbulent modern history, and how ultimately art reflects life. “

Graffitimundo is a Buenos Aires based group, dedicated to curating, sharing and creating the city’s street art culture. For the past four years graffitimundo have worked to build the profile of Buenos Aires’ thriving urban arts scene, working in close collaboration with a network of its leading artists. graffitimundo’s research into the origins of urban art in Buenos Aires, together with their close relationship with the city’s artists allows for an intimate exploration of a shared history, told by the artists themselves.

Mystical Yoga Farm

Dirty wars

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Journey through South America

A montage of clips and photos set to music to share the adventures.

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Its not always sunny.

Let me be real if I may… I usually write and Share it when I have something uplifting to say, something I feel is flowing through me with purpose,  something with intention.. I am going to be honest and say I have no intention in sharing this except for it to be what it is for you and for me.   I am LOST.  I feel confused about my path right now.  I feel as though I took a giant leap and am floating down, at first the free fall is that.. “freeing”  but as your face gets closer to the concrete jungle below you, I begin to see the “falling” component of the experience a bit more.  My personal evolution has been dotted with days of depressions and some big up swings.  There is the place inside me that reassures me.. everything will be alright, what do you really have to lose, and who are you really on this journey- be that, do that.   However, it is not always easy… it takes work, all the self help stuff that is out there exist for a reason, people need help.  We may not ask for it but we need it.  I feel alone and lost.  A hug from a friend  carries me away from my self loathing for a moment, but I resurface among the same rubbish.   Bright ideas get you somewhere but not there.  Staying in the flow is a challenge of mind body and heart.  I accept the challenge.  Focus on the first peak… approach it, start to walk, breath, and be.